Coming from a fine arts background, I am mostly a photographer, but I am also a jewelry maker. I have 17 years of photography experience, shooting fashion, editorial, environmental portraiture, professional headshots, portraits, family photos, senior pictures, baby portraits, pet portraits, live events and still lifes. Read full biography.

My true love is portraiture. Utilizing both natural and artificial light, my aim is to produce portraits that are natural and artistic. I enjoy getting to know my subjects, and to make them feel comfortable in front of the camera. My intention is to capture a subject’s true essence, bringing out their personality and, perhaps, an unspoken story. This applies regardless of whether my subject is human or animal. I am currently working mostly in the Columbus and Central Ohio area. Please visit my Photography Services page for more information.

I also provide professional retouching and photo restoration services, using the various techniques I’ve learned over the years to make photos look better. Whether it’s simple color correction and evening out skin tone, or repairing an old, cracked family photo, I can help make your images look great. For more information regarding retouching, please visit the Retouching Services page.

In my spare time, I design and create sterling and fine silver jewelry. My work is heavily influenced by nature, ancient Celtic art and the Art Deco period. I love simple, organic shapes and elegant lines. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing someone wearing one of my designs! All jewelry, as well as photographic prints, is sold through my Etsy store.

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